Support Available for State Plan Activities

Scholarship Opportunities though SILC Council:

In order to greater promote and implement the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL), the SILC council has developed an opportunity by which Centers for Independent Living (CILs) or other entities who provide services outlined in the SPIL can request scholarship opportunities though the council.

Scholarship Examples:  Staff training, pilot programs, advocacy efforts, specific activities which promote the implementation of the SPIL.

Who may apply:  Centers for independent Living and organizations who provide services and advocacy which align with SPIL Goals, objectives and the Independent Living Philosophy.

What is needed in application:  The application for scholarship will need to include the following:

·      Amount requested

·      Connection to the goals and objectives listed in the State Plan for Independent Living

·      Explanation of the request including the background of the organization

·      Commitment to present to the SILC on the impact of the scholarship and action undertaken

·      Commitment and explanation of how the scholarship and SILC will be promoted through the organizations communication efforts and social media.

Scholarships are contingent upon council approval and available funding.

Interested parties may apply for a scholarship by applying though the SILC web site Contact Section.