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Mairead Warner

At the age of three, Mairead Warner was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The condition affected her academic life throughout grade school and high school. “As a student who went through my entire elementary through high school career as a student of special education, I wanted to make a difference and advocate for people with disabilities,” she said. “At times learning was a challenge not unlike other disabilities.”

She grew up with strong support systems with family and school faculty. “I would never give up,” she said. “Everyone around me was very supportive.”

She first attended St. Clair Community College and was part of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She then transferred to Oakland University to major in Education. Warner is hoping to become an elementary school teacher. She earned an associate degree in General Education Cum Laude.

 Warner is focused on SILC’s priorities. “Learning new ways to communicate and educate people with disabilities about the opportunity and assistance that is available to them,” is important, she said. “As a new Council member of the Statewide Independent Living Council, I am looking toward new opportunities that allow me to help reshape how the SILC will assist people with disabilities and expanding advocacy for youths with disabilities.”

Independent Living is an important issue for Warner. “It is important that people know about the different services provided to people with disabilities,” she said. “My diabetes did challenge my learning and having to focus on my blood sugar to keep it leveled was a challenge.”

During her summers, she works at a camp. She hopes to earn a Master’s Degree in Special Education and looks forward to work with MISILC. “I am looking forward to introducing and refining new communication and concepts that reach more people in need of this council body’s assistance,” she said.