Message from the SILC Chairperson

Hello fellow SILC Members,
I would like to begin this letter  that will discuss 

1.  The recent accomplishments made and independent living's progress through SILC efforts

2.  Focus on future growth of SILC business meetings

3.  Council member feedback and knowledge sharing

Please share requested feedback  with the full council by June 30, or I can share your responses if you prefer. 

  • Thank you to the council and staff for the successful completion of the 2016-2019 SPIL.  Developing a plan that garnered the approval of 100% of CIL directors and speaks to the transformative nature of IL in Michigan  is something that our council should be proud of. Now is the time to focus on the next steps and discover what expertise and ideas each one of us brings to the table. 
  • The necessity of the SPIL Amendment was one that none of us knew we would be facing when we began SILC's work in FY 2016.  However, I am proud to be a part of a group that dealt with an unforeseen requirement with such professionalism and thoughtfulness. As of our last meeting at the beginning of May, the council was able to complete the amendment per instructions from ACL and received all necessary signatures. 
  • The scholarship application for IL organizations or other groups to utilize SILC funds in pursuing goals outlined in the SPIL has been completed and is available on our website.  To date there have been three submissions for funds; pending finance committee approval, all three will be financed, as there is room in the budget to do so. An update on these scholarships will be provided at the September business meeting.   
  • CDA forums are progressing and collecting great feedback. Please continue to  stay aware of forums that are held in your area and contact Terri about involvement. 

The structure of SILC business meetings has been a topic for recent discussion.  When we reconvene in September, I would like the focus of meetings to be: 

  • SPIL current stats and discussion around actions to progress goals, any changes & input from committee.
  • Member led discussion with supports when needed. A council member led discussion on their interest & next steps. 
  • Public comment/CDA feedback
  • Business meeting necessities 

Please provide me with any ideas or feedback that you may have for future topics at meetings that speak directly to SPIL goals. 

In order to formulate future meetings to reflect these priorities, I would like  each member of the council to share with the full group: 

  • What is the most important issue or barrier related to independence? 
  • If I had to take one of my skills and teach it to someone so that we could be more successful, what would that be?
  • These responses may be similar to what each of us is putting together for the marketing team.

Please share answers with the full council by June 30, or I can share your responses if you prefer. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you all and will follow up with a call or email in a few weeks. 

Thank you all, 

SILC Chairperson Robin Bennett