The following documents/reports/public input will be presented to the SILC Council for consideration and action in the State Plan for Independent Living evaluation, amendment and writing process.  Links to the direct files are listed below.  In addition, the files can be viewed via Dropbox as well (Dropbox has limited accessibility, therefore all files are directly linked below):

Direct Links:

  • Public Comment
  • Public Comment Response
  • Reports
  • Forums and Focus Groups

The files can be viewed through the following here.

Files in these three folders are pending evaluation by the council for review and possible inclusion in to State Plan for Independent Living.

You may add public comment to these folders by submitting your comment on the contact page.  If you need accommodations to provide public comment please contact Tracy Brown at the SILC office at 800-808-7452. The fax number to provide public comment is:  517-371-4875.


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