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Sara Grivetti

Midland’s Sara Grivetti adds her experience as Chief Executive Officer of Disability Network of Michigan, as well as several years’ previous service with the Council, to her newest term, which will extend through 2017.

Sara holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Northwood University and a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from MSU, and is currently working on a doctorate at Michigan State University in Rehabilitation Counseling Education. She also teaches classes on substance abuse and its effects.

Her time working with Centers for Independent Living, she said, prompted her to join the Council and continue her involvement. “I’ve been involved with independent living since 2001. Serving on this council provided an avenue for me to advocate and ensure my voice was shared on a more global basis,” she explained. “I wanted to make sure that my experience was shared with as many people as possible that it would help.”

As she sees it, Grivetti’s most important job on the Council is to use her various positions and experiences to push forward policy changes that are beneficial to all the people she represents to the Council. By doing this, she said, “I can leverage my relationships with legislators to support the council to achieve our advocacy goals.” That relationship-building can then be brought back to the community of people with disabilities to air their opinions.

Substance abuse, she believes, is one area in which more outreach could be made. “Substance abuse is a disability that has a real impact,” she said. “People living with substance abuse have a really difficult time getting the services they need, and even just figuring out where those services are.” By making sure that CILs across the state are sharing resources, she said, the council can “lay the roadmap” for the Statewide Plan for Independent Living.