SILC values both openness and feedback. Ongoing communication is critical to all aspects of our operations.  Both state and federal regulations require transparency and so do we.  The issues discussed by the board will be made available on MISILC's official web site and all comments will be accepted in person or submitted on line. 

SILC Transparency Policy (Word Format)


  • At each SILC Business Meeting, Public Comment takes place at the beginning and end of each meeting.
  • Public Comment is the opportunity to express a viewpoint, make a request, or educate the Council.
  • There is a (5) minute time limit set for individuals and organizations for making your comments.
  • This is not an opportunity for dialogue or questions with the SILC Council - It is their chance to listen.
  • Any concerns that you raise will be responded to, in writing, within 7 – 10 business days.


Member Accommodations

SILC believes in the non-discriminatory treatment of each council member in accordance with Federal and State Laws.  SILC fully complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 as amended:

Accommodations Request Procedure:

Upon appointment to the SILC, new members are advised by staff (in their welcome letter and during orientation) if they need an accommodation to ensure full participation in the council and in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities, they must submit the request for accommodation within 30 days after the need is known.  This could include: personal assistant services reimbursement, driver/transportation services, interpreter or cart services, reader services, etc.

Upon recite of a request, SILC staff will contact the member to discuss their need(s) and determine the essential functions that require a reasonable accommodation, so barriers are alleviated.  Agreement will be reached between the member and staff as to the accommodation implementation plan.  In an effort to document the plan SILC staff will provide written conformation detailing the accommodations planned to the member within 10 business days.

If a current SILC member requires an accommodation to ensure the continuation of their participation they should notify staff within 30 days of developing the accommodation(s) need.  Staff will implement the request as previously described.

Correspondence/documentation regarding accommodation requests and implementation are maintained by SILC in a secured cabinet with restricted access.  Documentation is destroyed after one (1) appointment cycle after the individual’s departure from SILC.

SILC Accommodation Policy (Word Format)